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I've been waiting for the finished result and you didn't disappoint. The overall style of the piece is excellent and beautifully consis...

Upon inspecting this, I could only assume you've either/both a fan of the Worms video game and/or the Oddworld series. The design and t...

by bcnyArt

All too often in the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu, historically a genius with few equals, is presented as little more than Zhuge Liang's gre...

by bcnyArt

I have to say I'm impressed. I'm a big Three Kingdoms fan and I've seen gender-flipped Three Kingdoms stuff before but I like how serio...

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Painting with Wu
Da Qiao walks into her full chattering classroom and faces her students, a smile forming on her face as the class becomes silent.
"Good morning class!"
Everyone in the class answered in unison, "Good morning Sensei!"
"Today we are going to have some fun and just express ourselves."
Lu Xun raises his hand with a puzzled expression on his face.  "Express ourselves how?"
Gan Ning jumped out of his chair, blade in hand. "With a sword of course!"
Ling Tong rolls his eyes. "You would say that."
Gan Ning swings his blade, pointing it toward Ling Tong. "What'd you say!? You wanna fight or something!?"
Ling Tong stands, grabbing his nunchakus, entering his fighting stance. "As long as it keeps you quiet."
"I'm gunna kick your ass, Ling T-"
"Silence!" Da Qiao yells, slamming her hand on the desk.
Both men freeze and everyone looks at her.
"Sit! Now!"
The two sit quietly, lowering their heads slightly, earning a chuckle from the class.
"You both know I do not tolerate fighting in my cla
:iconkon13:Kon13 4 9
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So happy to be part of this! I should have gotten in on Deviantart long ago!
Thanks for everything, guys!
Legendbringer Fanart: Titan
This is a little sketchy than before but my scanner's only A4-size.
In Legendbringer's fic, Titan goes from a cackling, childish villain stereotype and evolves into a manipulative mastermind. Allied with Conquest, he plays his own game, a dealer in lives and secrets. He is a chivalrous soul and helps those who help him but his own secrets are unclear.
How did he come to be so different? And what is his motivation or indeed, his ambition? How will it affect his allies and his enemies?
Here, I showed him as a chessmaster although (In a rather lovely monologue) he states his preferred board game is Go, pieces can move anywhere, do anything and end up in all sorts of places.
And how appropriate that is for the story so far.

At the front, Lightning Dawn, defeated in combat time and time again, having lost so many friends he never fully understood, vents his sorrows on Krysta, perhaps his single constant companion.
Opposite him, Belle Amie, a unicorn without a past, hopes to build a future for her and Equestria, swearing before the grave of the heroic Princess Twilight Sparkle that she will make this right.
To the right is Princess Cadence and Shining Armour, the couple excitedly celebrating the upcoming birth of their child (The infamous incident with Cadence in Mykan's fics is omitted in Legendbringer's adaptation)
To the left is Conquest. He's just chillin'...on his his heels...naked.
Just 'cause he can. He's like that.
Beside him is his newest ally, the remorseless Dr Emil Kudos, receiving messages from his spy drones.
In the foreground, Grand Ruler Celesto orders Conquest destroyed without delay. Unknown to him, his own wife, Celestia, in defiance elopes with the roguish but oh-so-charming Discord who works with Luna to lead the Umbra Circle Equestrian Resistance.
And above them all, neither seen nor heard, Titan makes his move, even the insidious Necromancer a piece in his mighty game.

All characters portrayed are property of Legendbringer's 'MT:FOSROH'
Sanguo Legends: Jiang Wei and Wang Ping
Happy Birthday Amelie-the-Fox!
As per your request, I finished a sketch of Jiang Wei and his chief lieutenant Wang Ping, top-ranking Generals of Shu.

Jiang Wei
"I will kill that man...I will kill that false emperor, Cao Pi, and his murdering whoreson father and the brothel rejects he calls a wife and mother and every man in China who calls him 'Imperial Majesty'! For what they've done I'll bleed them dry like the filth-wallowing beasts they are! But not before I make them regret every single instance they called LIU BEI a traitor!"
Jiang Wei is known as the Monkey King. A child student of Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wei quickly earns a high-place among the Sleeping Dragon's inner circle when war breaks out, acting as his protégé. Though he's learnt much from Zhuge Liang, most of Shu's more experienced generals doubt his own prowess, believing the boy to be coddled by his old teacher and rewarded for achievements not his own, sowing distrust among the government. Hence why Wang Ping offers to act as peacemaker, serving as an adviser to both Jiang Wei and even Zhuge Liang himself. Jiang Wei is an impulsive and, some say, overly headstrong war leader but is a highly capable warrior and his loyalty to Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang is matched by few.

Wang Ping
"Always be wary of a man who joins you without any reason to do so. We share friends with Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Liao Hua and Jiang Wei. We share enemies with Ma Chao, Shan Fu, Huo Jun and Fa Zheng. But what do we share with Zhuge Liang? A dream, so he says, but how do we know that? We cannot easily see inside his mind to make sure. Be careful around that one for a man who plays his enemies like puppets could quite easily do the same to his friends"
Wang Ping, known as the Mantis, is one of Shu's most dedicated and decorated generals who has pulled them out of several scrapes in the past. Leaving Wei after witnessing Cao Cao's bloody purge of his political opponents in Luoyang, Wang Ping is probably one of the only senior scholars in Shu who cannot read, something Ma Su, Zhuge Liang's best student, often chides him for. Despite his age and poor upbringing, Wang Ping is considered by Liu Bei to be a model soldier and commander and is highly respected by his fellows.
As Zhuge Liang's power encompasses most others in Shu, tempers flare between the warriors and scholars in Shu and Wang Ping takes it upon himself to keep order. Though he makes no attempt to hide his suspicion of the Sleeping Dragon's ambitions, he nonetheless carries out his orders as best he can and fights well against some of Wei's most feared warriors.
Balisong Makes A Movie
A trailer for my Fimfic.
One of the Mercenaries, Balisong, hasn't had that much attention yet but her scenes suggested she was quite level-headed. She was very put off by Corax's...'habits' and, despite a dark past, seemed quite chummy, eager and genial.
But recently, Cascadius pointed out what she does to her prisoners would disgust even her co-workers.
What exactly does she do that make her prisoners wish for death?
Well, all that's been mentioned so far is that she makes films of it and sells them!
Make of that what you will. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably true.
But she's just been sent to Ponyville...
Pray for them.
For anyone who is familiar with the Three Kingdoms media in any way, is there any character you'd particularly like to see me illustrate?
Can be as obscure as you like. That's my specialty. :D
For anyone who is familiar with the Three Kingdoms media in any way, is there any character you'd particularly like to see me illustrate?
Can be as obscure as you like. That's my specialty. :D


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Toby Spring
United Kingdom
I have just got into Arts University Bournemouth and am going to do Illustration.

You're a soldier alone on the battlefield. You look around and you hear slow, heavy footsteps, the hiss of a blade being drawn, a low growl and you see Shamoke striding towards you. What do you do? 

2 deviants said Say You're A Friend
1 deviant said Stand and Fight
1 deviant said Something Else? (Please say in the comments)
No deviants said Surrender
No deviants said Run Away
No deviants said Soil Yourself


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